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Get the books: I Was a Teen Guitarist 4 the Clash, the Post Punk Years, Meeting Joe Strummer, 
Diary of a Punk Rocker, and Behind the Big Screen on Amazon today!

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Questions? Contact us via "Let's Chat" button or email us at:

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CoMMerCial Zone 2014 - Track 22

Keith Levene Reads From His Autobiography, 
I Was a Teenage Guitarist 4 the Clash! (below) Get it on Amazon today!


Listen to a Newly-Released Interview where Keith discusses his time with the Clash:

CZ2014 Tracklist:

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Also from the CZ 2014 Project:
All books are available on Amazon:

Official Media Release regarding
Commercial Zone 2014:

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CZ2014 Reviews from the Record Collector and the Quietus:

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Listen to Tracks 11 and 17 from CZ2014 now:

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Hit the Video below to view original CZ2014 artwork:

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